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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in sailing and want to see if it's for me. Where should I start? **Sailing Excursions** are perfect for beginners stepping onto a sailboat for the first time, those looking to refresh their sailing knowledge, explorers seeking new areas, or individuals aiming to refine their skills under an experienced skipper's guidance. **The Basic Cruising Skills Course**, one of the introductory level of Sail Canada Certification, is a five-day liveaboard format. This entry-level course covers sailing fundamentals, boat handling, and the roles and responsibilities of a Skipper. The course welcomes everyone, whether you've sailed before or are a complete novice. It's designed to cater to various skill levels with high-quality instruction.

Which dates are available? As a small, family-operated business, we typically operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. We always strive to accommodate your scheduling needs. Please contact us to check the availability for your inquiries.

What should I expect during a multi-day sailing trip? Our sailing excursions and certifications provide an authentic, hands-on sailing experience, as opposed to luxurious charter cruises. Guests may encounter a variety of weather conditions including wind, waves, sun, rain, and cold. While unpredictable, wildlife sightings from the boat are frequent. Our guests are adventurers seeking new experiences, with a respect for the environment and an appreciation for open-mindedness.All multi-day trips include meals and snacks, and we can accommodate any allergies, restrictions, or preferences. Our vessel, the Harmony, features two enclosed cabins, a double-sized bed, and a single bed in the main area. Each participant will have their own bed during the course.

Is food included? If so, what does a typical menu onboard look like? All multi-day trips include meals and snacks, and we can accommodate any allergies, restrictions, or preferences. While food isn't typically included in a day sail, it can be provided for an additional charge. A typical multi-day trip menu includes a variety of items such as fresh produce, burgers, pasta, burritos, stir-fried rice, pizza, breakfast sandwiches, fish, and tuna wraps.

What gear should I carry with me? - Proper footwear (running shoes) - Slippers (to wear in the boat) - Swimsuit (if you like swimming) - Hot and cold weather clothing - Hat, tuque, or cap - Gloves or warm gloves (if cold weather is expected) - Sunglasses - Rain gear - Refillable water bottle - Sleeping bag (we can provide you with one, but you are more than welcome to bring your own). Let us know if you need one. - There are plenty of pillows on the boat. - The Basic Cruising Skills workbook - There are life jackets for everyone on board, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Can I book a trip for more than five people? For groups of more than five people, we collaborate with our friends at Calma Sailing, based out of Cortes Island. Calma Sailing is also a Sail Canada accredited sailing school specializing in courses and trips in the Desolation Sound area. We can work together to arrange a Sail Canada course or a sailing trip for larger groups, which can be accommodated by combining both of our vessels, Harmony and Mariah. Please don’t hesitate to contact either of us to discuss such an arrangement.

Where will we be sailing? Every trip typically departs from Campbell River, heading towards the magnificent Desolation Sound. Depending on the weather and guest preferences, we select an area to anchor for the night. We're fortunate to have many options, which include fresh water swimming lakes, waterfalls, hiking trails, beaches, and villages to explore. The length of the trip and the forecasted weather determine how far into the sound we'll venture and where we'll anchor each night. We often stop for lunch and visit Mitlenatch Island, then continue sailing towards Copeland Island to anchor for the night, particularly when the weather is calm. Possible overnight destinations include Gorge Harbour, Shark Spit, Rebecca Spit, Von Donop Inlet, Tenedos Bay, Grace Harbour, and Teakerne Arm. Weather conditions play a significant role in our final decision. If the wind is too strong to head out into the strait, we'll travel north through the Discovery Passage and the famous Seymour Narrows, where we're sheltered from the weather. This route provides access to many more destinations, including Kanish Bay, Small Inlet, Octopus Islands, and more.

What if I get seasick? If you have concerns, please be assured that we are well-prepared. Should a guest feel unwell or if the weather conditions deteriorate, our sailing area allows us to quickly find shelter. We also have several onboard strategies to prevent and reduce seasickness. Over the years, with hundreds of guests, seasickness has rarely been an issue. Without exception, everyone has departed the boat with a smile.

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