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Happiness on deck

Sailing Excursions

We offer customized sailing excursions that range from a

        Half-Day Sail
        Full Day Sail

        Multi-day trip

Whether you want to test yourself, see if sailing is suitable for every member of your family, or dream of a sunset sail with your significant other or closest friends, simply submit your ideal trip, and we will do our best to make it a reality.

With this format, you book the Captain and the boat.
Prices are not per person.


From 4hrs







Minimum 2 days


Activities you can do while sailing with us

Looking to add a bit more of excitement to your sailing adventure?

If you feel uneasy about the idea of relaxing on a sailboat for a few hours or even days, we have some exciting ideas for you. Get your hiking gear ready, along with your tent, kayak and/or trail running shoes. Our goal is to offer unique and sporty outdoor trips that showcase the best of British Columbia's playground. We are excited to now offer customized sailing adventures that combine an Introduction to Boating with almost any passion you have. Let's start with our latest offering: the Sail-to-Bike trip on Hornby Island.

Gather your friends, book your dates, pack your bikes, and set sail with us!

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